Phangan Animal Care

Phangan Animal Care (PAC) was first founded more than 12 years ago. After Irish Veterinarian; Shevaun Gallwey, visited the island on holiday and was confronted with the dreadful situation of the island’s animals. Pre-PAC, there was no medical care for animals on Koh Phangan. And so those who were lucky enough were taken to Samui for treatment whilst most had to suffer their ailments. Convinced that Koh Phangan could become a place where animals were healthy and taken care of. Shevaun opened the doors of Phangan Animal Care in September 2001 and it has steadily grown since then.

Previously, Phangan Animal Care took care of all the animals on the island. But now, for those lucky enough to have an owner, there is a choice of private vets on the island. This enables the PAC team to devote their time into caring for the islands strays and temple animals.

Koh Phangan

The island of Koh Phangan is home to many roaming dogs and cats. They are commonly affected with injuries from collisions with cars and motorbikes. As well as open sores, maggot wounds, severe skin problems such as mange and starvation. Many puppies and kittens also struggle to survive in such hostile environments. The local government in Koh Phangan used to poison hundreds of stray dogs each year. This was an attempt to control the population. This is a horrific death, throwing dogs into violent seizures. Sometimes for up to 10 hours before they die.

Since Phangan Animal Care began to sterilise as an alternative, these mass poisonings have become much less frequent. Our mission at Phangan Animal Care is “to provide nursing care for the stray animals, to keep Koh Phangan rabies free. While providing vaccinations and to reduce the number of unwanted animals by humane sterilisation”.

Please Help

How can you help Phangan Animal Care? There is no resident vet at PAC. So the majority of cases we see are dealt with by our experienced head nurse and volunteer nurses. We also work closely with private vets on the island. They help with emergencies for strays as well as assisting with our aim of reducing the number of stray animals by carrying out sterilisation procedures on stray dogs and cats. When we are lucky enough, volunteer vets carry out the more advanced surgical procedures. Also sterilising as many animals as they can in the time they have.

Phangan Animal Care receive no government funding and is entirely reliant on donations from friends, visitors and supporters. Without them our work simply wouldn’t be possible. PAC costs ฿600 per hour to run, please consider donating today. Our wish-list includes ฿฿฿, your time, pet food, food, water bowls, medical supplies, collars, leads, old towels and sheets, jewellery, clothes, books and food for our volunteers.


Every hospitalised animal at PAC receives a rabies vaccination and throughout the year, we host regular vaccination camps around the island in order to vaccinate as many animals as we can against this terrible disease. Since our inception, Phangan Animal Care has provided more than 5200 vaccinations to the islands animals and there has been no recorded case of Rabies in Koh Phangan for over 15 years!  It is our intention to keep it this way by vaccinating as many animals as we can against this terrible disease. (If you do get bitten whilst visiting Koh Phangan, it is still important to go to the hospital immediately and get your vaccinations.)

Getting in Contact

If you find a sick or injured stray outside of these hours and it is not an emergency, please take pictures and email them to Phangan Animal Care with the following details: problem, species, male/female, location (be specific with details of nearest resort, restaurant or landmark) and contact details. We are open to the public Monday-Friday 10:00-17:00. If it is an emergency please call us on 089-875-7513, alternatively please contact Dr Yothin on 089-909-8171.

For more information about PAC please visit their website at