Koh Phangans’ Parties Are Bigger Than Ever

Koh Phangans’ parties are famous all around the world. Each month, under the cool white light of a full moon, anywhere from seven thousand people in the off season, to thirty five thousand in peak season pour out of their Koh Phangan accommodation dogs to dance, listen and let loose.

The Full Moon Party is probably the number one reason people flock to Koh Phangan. Call it Eden or call it the Asian Las Vegas, it’s somewhere in between and is an incredible party to experience.

Koh Phangans’ parties are now played by some of the world’s biggest DJ’s who are more than happy relax in free accommodation on this paradise island for a few nights and play to the immense crowd. The tunes generally hover around House, Trance, Jungle and more recently Dubstep. The vibe is always high, high energy and the crowd is enormous and notoriously easy to please.

Its hard to really grasp the magnitude of one of these parties without actually experiencing it. What’s truly unbelievable about parties on Koh Phangan is the backdrop. The tropical waters and scenery which make up the Thai islands are the very epitome of beachside paradise. That is what makes this a truly transcendent experience.

Guest post by Terry.

Have you experience any of Koh Phangans’ parties? Where’s your favourite place to party the night away? What are your thoughts about the Full Moon Party? Leave your comments below.

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  1. Dave M.

    I went once, only I hadn’t slept in about 24 hours and was too exhausted to enjoy it. When taking the speed boat over, be sure to sit at the back as the waves pound you at the front.. Anyone who visits Thailand must experience the FMP at least once.

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