Koh Phangan Weather & Seasons

Koh Phangan weather for most of the year is glorious, however there are some variations that should be noted so that your holiday isn’t ruined by a week of rain. Most guides about Thailand separate the seasons into three; dry season, hot season and rainy season. This is true for central and Northern Thailand, but down the south the Koh Phangan weather can be very different.

Due to its proximity to the equator, the Koh Phangan weather is very tropical. The best time to visit Koh Phangan depends on your personal preference. The fact is, you could visit this island during the wet months and not have a single drop of rain during your entire stay, just as you could have a thunder storm or two during the dry months. The weather here can also be very local, so on one part of the island you could be sunbathing on the beach while on the other side you may have to shelter for a scattered thundershower. Although there are two seasons, the temperatures tend to remain fairly constant, averaging between 25-35c. Simply put though, there is not really a bad time to visit Koh Phangan.


Koh Phangan weather and seasons are broken down into 2 seasons – wet and dry. When planning your trip it’s essential to know when the seasons run to ensure your stay is a pleasant and comfortable one. This guide is very similar to the surrounding islands of Koh Tao and Koh Samui if you plan on visiting them also.

Dry Season – December to June

The dry season generally runs from late December. Most crowds flock to Koh Phangan between December and March when endless clear blue skies can be almost guaranteed and rainfall is at its minimum. This is also the peak season, when European visitors arrive seeking sun from the winter weather in there homelands. Expect to pay more for your accommodation between this period too. Day time temperatures rarely drop below 27c but the humidity is a lot cooler in these months. You may even find you need a light pullover in the evenings.

It doesn’t get any hotter than between the months of March and May. For those who like it baking hot this is the best time to visit. During these months the temperatures here can be very hot and humid; keeping cool can be a challenge. Staying somewhere with a sea breeze is advisable.

Wet Season – July to November

It’s rare it will rain all day on Koh Phangan and a late afternoon thunderstorm is about the height of what to expect during the months of July and September. There is always plenty of sunshine to be enjoyed, along with comfortable temperatures.

From September on wards you can expect the temperature to drop a little. However, bare in mind it will still be hot. The monsoons historically come to the Gulf of Thailand during October and November and this can often result in the heavens opening up for days at a time. Storms become more frequent around late afternoon and early evening. Due to the heavy rainfall and prevailing winds, November is the cheapest time to visit the island. Those not deterred by the Koh Phangan weather at certain times of the year, should look out for the bargain holidays to the island during the wettest months.