Mia Escobud Koh Phangan Tales

Mia Escobud Koh Phangan Tales is all about the huge party scene on Koh Phangan – I first arrived on Koh Phangan in 1993, after an overland odyssey from London to Kathmandu.  I was a 21 year old traveller at the time, wide-eyed at the world around me.  I travelled to India solo, before landing finally in my ultimate destination: Thailand.  I  spent the last six weeks of that Asian tour on the magic island of Koh Phangan.

The free hedonism of the island captured my imagination immediately: the vortex energy drew me in – as it still does today – allowing me to be the most true version of myself I’d ever been.  I was alive and free.  Even nowadays, many people experience the same emotions when arriving to Koh Phangan for the first time.  Somehow, it changes you forever. Right from the early days, I was always a Koh Phangan girl at heart. Read more of my story here!

This South East Asian island – and the tropical party scene upon it – have changed immeasurably since those early days, two decades ago.  And yet some things never change: the steep rolling hills, like something out of a jurassic dream, still loom out of the ocean; the tug-boat ferry journeys to paradise remain the same; the most spectacular sunsets I’ve ever seen, the world over, still scintillate.

Rustic Charm

As much as civilisation has tried to conquer Koh Phangan, the island remains much less developed than sister islands Koh Samui and Phuket.  The Full Moon Party may seem commercial beyond belief, but Koh Phangan has never really been tamed – not truly. It is still an exceptionally beautiful island, ambiguously known only for the Full Moon Party – the largest beach festival in Asia held once a month, whenever the moon is round. Read some of my first hand history and Full Moon Party tales from the 1990’s to the present day here!

Unknown to many, Koh Phangan still holds a rustic charm today.  Most visitors arrive on Koh Phangan for the few days surrounding Full Moon, experiencing the island only at its craziest. Arriving at that time is like entering a whirlwind: as time speeds up, everyone goes party crazy on South East Asia’s answer to Ibiza. The vibrant party scene on this Thai island – and the fact that I’m married to DJ Pablo Escobud! – was the inspiration behind my blog, Mia Escobud Koh Phangan Tales.

But Koh Phangan also boasts great yoga retreats, snorkelling over coral reefs and fantastic hikes to breath-taking view points. Virgin coconut groves and idyllic beaches are all there to be discovered – if only you take the time to explore!

Party Scene

The Koh Phangan party scene ebbs and flows with the moon phases and the seasons.  Right now, Thailand is emerging from a period of Martial Law.  Life on the islands is unpredictable to say the least, but that’s no reason not to visit Koh Phangan.  Read more in this post: Is the Party Over for Thailand?

Koh Phangan has such an effect on many people – DJs, party organisers and dancers – that many of us decide to prolong our stay in paradise.  High season sees an influx of high profile DJs, all coming to seek out the island life and the good times.  You can read their DJ interviews here! Visit Mia Escobud Koh Phangan Tales website for lots of stories from around the island.