Koh Phangan Taxi Services

Koh Phangan taxi services include motorbike taxis and songthaews taxis. They are a safe way of getting around the island. Motorbike taxis are recognisable by their bright orange vests with the word “taxi” printed on them. Motorbike taxi drivers can normally be found at the pier in Thongsala. Also around the markets, festivals and at the large parties. Taxi car prices start at 50 THB and rates depend on the distance you wish to travel. Motorcycle taxis have no set routes or fees. Always make sure you agree on exactly where your wish to go and the total cost before you start your journey.

Finding a Taxi

To make use of the Koh Phangan taxi services you have a few choices. You can wait on any road and then flag one of the songthaews down or ask at your resort to bring a taxi for you. Some resorts also have their own 4×4’s which they use as taxis. If you are leaving a big party, such as Jungle Experience or Full Moon Party, taxis will be waiting outside. They will normally wait until the taxi is full before departing though.

On Koh Phangan there are set prices for getting to different locations around the island. These should be displayed on all the taxi’s. But always agree and confirm the cost before moving off.

Navigating Koh Phangan by taxi cars and truck is the safest method and is not bad value. On your arrival at Thongsala Pier or Haad Rin Pier, you’ll be greeted by taxi’s ready to transport you to your resort. Taxi cabs can hold around 8-10 adults plus luggage. Nevertheless during hectic party times you might find that they will carry more guests than this. Customers will be dropped off one by one at their designated location. While sometimes picking up any new customers on the way.


When taking a trip from Thongsala Pier to different locations across the island, you can expect to pay per person: approx 100 THB to Haad Rin, 200 THB to Chaloklum, 200 THB to Haad Yao and 200 THB to Thong Nai Pan. There are lots of taxis constantly moving around the island, searching for your custom. Finally, be aware that if travelling by yourself the price may be higher. So some haggling may be required.