Koh Phangan Motorbike Rentals

By far the easiest and most common way of getting around Koh Phangan is by motorbike. Using Koh Phangan motorbike rentals is what the majority of people that holiday here do for getting around the island. It’s an inexpensive way to move around the island.

Automatic motorbikes are a popular choice for most tourists. They are easy to drive and all have plenty of space to hold any shopping bags you may acquire whilst out. While semi-automatic bikes seem to be a favourite for those visiting Koh Phangan who have previous experience of riding motorbikes.

Renting Bikes

With daily Koh Phangan motorbike rentals starting as low as 150 THB per day, it makes sense to choose this mode of transport over anything else. Every direction you look in, there is a motorbike hire shop. No matter where you are staying on Koh Phangan, you will not be far from a rental shop that should be able to help you. When you hire any type of motorbike on Koh Phangan, you may be expected to hand over your passport as security. Although you may not feel entirely comfortable with this concept, it is perfectly normal practice.

When using any Koh Phangan motorbike rentals service, take photos of the vehicle before you even ride it anywhere. Also, make sure a record is made of any tiny scratches on the paintwork too. This should prevent any discrepancies between both you and the owner when the vehicle is returned.

Top Tips

Go careful when riding a motorbike, even if it’s something you have done many times before. The roads here can be rather hazardous at times; loose sand, dogs running out, inconsiderate road users and dangerously deep pot holes. Always wear a helmet!

We really only recommend you rent a motorbike for getting around Koh Phangan if you have experience riding motorbikes. As you travel around the island sightseeing, you may notice the occasional person with bandages on their knees, ankles, elbows or hands. This is famously called a ‘Koh Phangan tattoo’. Unfortunately, at some point it is highly likely that this person has had a motorbike accident. Don’t be one of these unlucky souls!

Gasoline is cheap here. It’ll cost you between 140-200 THB to fill your motorbike fuel tank. A full tank will last you absolutely ages too. If you discover you have a flat tyre and need either air or to repair a puncture, simply walk your bike to the nearest repair shop and they’ll offer you free air or replace a tyre’s inner tube for around 150 THB – 200 THB. There are repair shops scattered all over Koh Phangan, every couple of kilometres.