Koh Phangan Longtail Boats

Get aboard on of the Koh Phangan longtail boats. The most relaxing and fun way to view the islands beaches and spectacular scenery! It is only from a boat that you’ll get to view the giant ragged cliffs which create such beautiful formations as they drop into the ocean. No view is the same as you cruise around each bay. Every beach offers a slightly different environment from the last. This way not only do you get to see the island from a completely different angle. Also you are able to travel quite a distance in a short time.

Koh Phangan longtail boats and their owners are often moored up at most of the beaches around the island. Making it an easy and convenient way for getting around the island. You simply need to negotiate a price for the journey. Taking into account how many are travelling, whether it is a round trip or not and how long you would like to stay at your destination before returning.

Don’t forget to take your snorkelling gear with you to explore the coral reefs if travelling around the North West coast. Remember that long tail boats can’t operate if the sea is too rough. It would be wise to always have an alternative method of transport if the weather seems a little unpredictable.


Prices may vary depending on the season, the sea conditions and the type of boat being used. The most common journeys are around the beaches on the North West coast and those stretching the entire East coast, as these can be harder to reach by road. The local Thai people who own and drive the boats are always very accommodating. They will pretty much take you anywhere around the island for an agreed price.