Koh Phangan Activities

There’s plenty of Koh Phangan activities to suit every type of traveller. From exciting boat trips to simply exploring all the pristine beaches. Hike to the best viewpoints or have the chance to get up close and personal with different types of wildlife….we have plenty of options for you.


If you’re not afraid of heights, how about an afternoon of Koh Phangan activities swinging from the tree tops in the jungle. Or try out the huge water slides at Slip N Fly for some serious air! Maybe you would be more interested some Koh Phangan activities, such a archery followed by a game of mini golf.

Boat Trips

Tour around the island, enjoying some snorkelling and watching the beautiful scenery go by. Take a tour further afield and you will be able to visit one of the amazing National Parks close by. Angthong National Marine Park is a natural beauty and should be top of your list for a day trip. While there’s also an option to visit Koh Nang Yuan in Koh Tao.


Certainly there’s no excuse not to do any exercise when you holiday. There are plenty of Koh Phangan activities options when it comes to fitness. There are Muay Thai gyms spread across the island. Test your endurance and fighting skills to the limit.

Yoga and detox is one of the more popular of the Koh Phangan activities. Yoga has become a massive part of island life. As a result, those staying here now have a wide choice of retreats and schools to choose from.


On a tropical island like Koh Phangan, everyone wants to get wet! There is a huge choice for Koh Phangan activities in the water! Kayaking, kiteboarding, wake boarding and jet skiing. Also, snorkelling and paddle boarding are just some of the water sports on offer. If you are new to any of these sports don’t let that put you off. Experienced and patient staff will provide the tuition to enable you to become an expert at any one of these activities.

Still sticking with the water sports, there is the option to go scuba diving. Here your will find the best dive sites within the Gulf of Thailand. Whether you are looking to try scuba diving for the very first time or enjoy some fun dives…Koh Phangan has it all!

Even More

Finally, other things to do include shopping and of course partying. For the largest selection of shops head to Thong Sala or Haad Rin. Where you will find everything from unique clothing to hand made leather products and jewellery. There’s plenty of gift shops, electrical stores and small supermarkets as well. If you want to party hard, then you’ve come to the right island. From small underground venues such as Eden Garden or Guys Bar to the large scale parties of Half Moon Festival and Full Moon Party, there is definitely a party for you!