Important Koh Phangan Phone Numbers

Here are some important Koh Phangan Phone numbers and emergency contact Information. While we hope you won’t need any during your stay on the island. Nobody wants to think about the possibility that they may require assistance from the Emergency Services when they are away from home. But unfortunately sometimes this can’t be helped. Having the correct contact details will certainly help make sure that any unexpected situations are dealt with as quickly and as smoothly as possible. We suggest you add the following important Koh Phangan phone numbers to your mobile phone!

Dentist: Should you need an emergency appointment, or just a routine check up, you can contact Dr Taeng Dental Home in Baan Tai. Their number is 077 377 778 / 083 969 0754.

Tourist Police: Koh Phangan Tourist Police have a permanent office in Thongsala, next to the ferry pier and in Haad Rin. There is a temporary Police Office next to Tommy Resort. Police do often patrol the island at night in their vehicles and are there to help you if you need assistance. For more information, or to speak with an officer, call the Koh Phangan hotline on 1155 or the Koh Samui Office on 077 430018. In an emergency call 191.

Clinics and Hospitals

Bangkok Samui Clinic: Baan Tai is one of the main accident and emergency centres on the island. It is a private clinic which tourists can use for any medical matter. Whether it’s an emergency or you need a routine appointment. There are doctors and nurses available to deal with any medical issues, emergencies or non-emergency matters.

You will be charged a set fee for a consultation and then additional charges will be added for any medication, procedures etc as advised by the doctor. It is open 24 hours, everyday and marked clearly on most maps. In case of any emergency call 077-239599 or 191.

Doctor Worawut Clinic: In the centre of Thongsala and is predominately used by the locals. There is an English speaking doctor and it’s a drop in clinic, so no appointment is needed.

First Western Hospital: Treatment for all emergency and medical cases from accidents to coughs and sneezes. 24 Hour ambulance, doctor and medical staff. Also X-Ray, CT, MRI, operating rooms and ICU. Multilingual European staff who are fluent in English, German and Dutch. As well as Thai. Dedicated insurance department who can make claims direct from your travel insurance for all admissions. That means in 90% of cases you do not have to pay upfront.

Hospitals on Koh Samui

On the occasions when the medical services on Koh Phangan are not to accommodate your needs, it is possible to go over to neighbouring island, Koh Samui. Here there are some more advanced facilities.

Bangkok Hospital: Situated on the ring road in Chaweng, Koh Samui. Staff and doctors speak a good level of English and the standards are very high. They offer a wide range of services and expat residents are entitled to a discount for treatments. For more information call +66 (0) 7742 9500.

Bandon International Hospital: Based in the main town, Bophut. This hospital offers top class facilities with its own trauma centre and surgery. For more information call +66 (0) 7724 5236.

Samui International Hospital: One of the newest hospitals on the island. It is towards the northern end of Chaweng Beach Road. Offers excellent services for both inpatients and outpatients. You can receive cosmetic and dentistry treatment here too. Staff can speak English as well as some other languages. For more information call +66 (0) 7723 0781/2.

Samui Government Hospital: Offers both tourists and locals medical care. There may not be so many English speaking staff here and the services are not normally as high as the private hospitals. However any treatment is a lot cheaper. You can find this hospital in Nathon, close to the Immigration Offices. For more information call +66 (0) 7742 1230.

For general Koh Phangan health and safety, you can read more here and for beach safety information, click here.