Getting Around Koh Phangan

When it comes to choosing your mode of transport for getting around Koh Phangan, you have plenty of choice. In recent years the roads across Koh Phangan have improved greatly and there are now a number of good concrete roads to help you get more or less anywhere. The hilly coastal road is a popular choice for many tourists. Winding its way along the western side of the island and offering its travellers breathtaking views along the coastline. As well as an endless selection of bars and resorts to visit.

Getting around Koh Phangan has been made much easier in recent years. New concrete roads now link the west coast with the east coast. Where before it was once just a dirt road which was inaccessible to most. It is a real pleasure cruising around the island. While stopping along the road side whenever it takes your fancy. Many people still think it’s possible to drive around the entire island along the coast. Unfortunately this is not the case, not at present anyway.

Double check the map before setting off on your journey to make sure the route is complete and is going to take you to your destination. The furthest northern point on Koh Phangan you can drive to is Haad Khom, near Chaloklum. Also there is only one road which will take you as far east as Thong Nai Pan. Some places, such as Bottle Beach, can only be accessed by foot or boat.

Motorbikes & Cars

By far the easiest and most common way of getting around Koh Phangan is by motorbike or car. The majority of people that holiday here are looking for an inexpensive way to move around the island. With the guarantee that it won’t require too much effort in the scorching midday heat!

With daily motorbike rentals averaging 250 THB per day, it makes sense to choose this mode of transport over anything else. Every direction you look in, there is a motorbike hire shop. No matter where you are staying on Koh Phangan, you will not be far from a rental shop that should be able to help you.

You can also rent cars and 4×4 for around 1500 THB per day. When you hire any type of vehicle on Koh Phangan, you may be expected to hand over your passport as security. Although you may not feel entirely comfortable with this concept, it is perfectly normal practice. Read more about Motorbike rentals…..

Cycling & Walking

Cycling or walking is a healthy and environmentally friendly way of getting around Koh Phangan. There are two types of cyclists here on Koh Phangan. Those that are ultra-fit who cycle the whole island just for fun and then there are those that choose to leisurely ride only a few hundred meters a day, to grab their daily fruit and veg.

Depending on what category you fit into, will depend on what type of bike you need. Both, geared mountain bikes and city bikes are readily available across the island. Daily rentals start from as little as 100 THB a day. Walking is easy in the South of the island as it’s flat, but other areas are very hilly. Read more about walking and cycling…..


Getting around Koh Phangan by taxi car is the safest method and good value. On your arrival at the pier at Thongsala or Haad Rin, you’ll be greeted by taxi drivers offering to transport you to your destination. Simply tell them where you would like to go and they’ll escort you to their vehicle, along with a few other customers. Taxis can hold approximately 8-10 adults plus luggage, however during busy periods you may find that they try to carry more passengers than this.

Customers will be dropped off one by one at their designated destination, picking up any new customers on the way, providing there is space. There are set fees for each journey and you’re generally not able to barter for a better price, however, we always think it’s worth a go. Read more about taxi services…..

Longtail Boats

The most relaxing way to view Koh Phangan has to be from aboard a boat. It is only from a boat that you’ll get to view the giant ragged cliffs which create such beautiful formations as they drop into the ocean. No view is the same. Cruise around each bay and every beach offers a slightly different environment from the last. This way not only do you get to see the island from a completely different angle. Finally, you are able to travel quite a distance in a short time. Read more about the islands longtail boats…..