Cycling and Walking Koh Phangan

Cycling and walking Koh Phangan is a healthy and environmentally friendly way of getting around the island. There are two types of cyclists here on Koh Phangan – those that are ultra-fit who cycle the whole island just for fun (and not just the once either!) and then there are those that choose to leisurely ride only a few hundred meters a day, to grab their daily fruit and veg. Depending on what category you fit into, will depend on what type of bike you need. Both, geared mountain bikes and city bikes are readily available across the island. Daily rentals start from as little as 50 THB a day.

Some parts of Koh Phangan, such as Srithanu, Hin Kong and Thongsala are fairly flat and make for easy walking or riding. Other parts, for example approaching Haad Salad, reaching Haad Rin and the east coast are considerably more challenging and aren’t for the faint hearted! A bike with gears is highly advisable if you want to cover any distance, due to the steep hills.

Top Tips

When cycling and walking Koh Phangan, always take plenty of drinking water with you and try to avoid being out in the early afternoon sun when it’s at its hottest. Remember to attach a chain and padlock to your hire bike so it is left secure when you head off to the beach for a swim, drink or meal. The great advantage to using a cycle is you can stop pretty much anywhere you like to appreciate the beautiful views and scenery around Koh Phangan. Across the island there are some absolutely amazing sights. Make sure you are not on a tight schedule to get anywhere so you can stop and admire this wonderful place. You really will get to see all the local sights and scenery close up!